day 529 – submission


at last, it is signed, sealed, stamped and ready for submission. it is time to send it off and hope for the best. technically two down, but still got work to do for all suppporting documents and can’t wait to be completely done with applications and get part of my life back in order. and i can only imagine how good life would be after i get through this long dreaded tunnel


day 161 – final push


last full day for final push to make the deadline. was working on my portfolio since waking up and all of the sudden my screen appeared as a blur of white light. not only do i have to fight against time, but also fight against myself, black out, putting and splitting headache. it’s been that kind of day. i just want to complete this in time, nothing else matters at this point

day 158 – the story of enclosure


this is my favourite model and most meaningful piece of artifact that i have built around.  enclosure has never escaped my mind for the past couple years and has practically been the story of my life as an ender.  it has given me so much inspiration and provided with so much freedom to expand upon