day 2660 – vessi test

getting my new vessi was the perfect excuse to do some crazy experiment. even though it was cold and windy, we decided to drive out to centennial beach to test out my vessi. it wasn’t exactly low tide but i agreed to do a back tuck and stomped it in shin-high water. my bottom half got soaked; i guess i forgot everything else but my shoes weren’t waterproof. i’m not sure if the vessi did it’s job because my socks were drenched in salt water. this was a crazy idea; i was scared at first and almost didn’t do it, but i’m glad i did because i had a lot of fun

day 2593 – paddleboard

it was perfect weather for a fun paddle board outing with the tricking crew on labour day. i fell into the water within twenty seconds of standing up and fell half a dozen more times throughout the hour of rental. i decided to ditch the life jacket near the end because it got in the way. i drank a fair share of salt water, but i still had pretty good success staying standing considering we received wind warnings. too bad i didn’t get to witness a back tuck on paddleboard that i knew he really wanted to do. i have a feeling i got sun burnt, which would be the second time ever

day 740 – wakeboarding


continuing my stint of water activities with my first try at wakeboarding today. i didn’t have the greatest success getting up and staying on my board at the beginning, fallen numerous times, but i did manage to get it down somewhat near the end. i also drank a lot of salt water while i was submerged into the open water – i am sure i hit my daily water intake for the day. at the end of the day my forearms are beyond exhausted. but above all i had an awesome time out there and would definitely do it again

day 40 – outdoor adventure


first time out kayaking this year, but it has been many years of memories at both deep cove and belcarra. it’s become an annual excursion where i would go out in the open water at least once a summer just to paddle and work those shoulders. covered a lot of distance in just two hours of paddling and even saw some otters. one of the rare occasions i will put sunscreen on my face. on the many other occasions, i am just too lazy and have no problem getting a tan