first anniversary special edition

prepared a little something special as part of tongtongvision reaching a big milestone of its first anniversary. congratulations on making through the first year, it wasn’t easy but it’s definitely worth it. clips throughout my 2014 nationals adventure to toronto and new york. a trip filled with everything you can imagine from good times, crazy times, stressful times, exhausting times, all combined but nonetheless endless team bonding memories. hope to go more places with this gang and create more of these memories in the future, don’t let it stop. this is just the beginning that could possibly lead to something much bigger and better

day 298 – keumgang


what used to be my weakest and least favourite poomsae has definitely taken big strides forward and huge leaps of improvement. fortunate to have professional photographer snap some shots while i was on one of the biggest and scariest stage of my life. so i can take a look at how i did and what i can improve upon next time. it would be a total lie if i said my nerves didn’t take over while i was on that stage and everything that happened in the ring was a blur. i hope to be back in this ring again in the near future

day 290 – competition day


competition day has arrived and i realized how nerve wrecking it is to be up on the stage alone in front of hundreds of judges and competitors no matter how many times i have been through this. disappointment overall cause i knew i could have and should have done better and tough luck for getting my two least favourite poomsae of all, just wasn’t meant to be this time. being my second nationals this is one of the hardest competition i have ever been to but there’s a lot of experience i can take with me. now getting exposure of the level out there, we can move forward knowing what the best in canada is capable of

day 289 – nationals apparel

sporting toronto nationals swag as proof that i was here. tomorrow is the big day, regardless of whatever happens on stage, i am guaranteed to have a souvenir to remember my time and experience at nationals 2014. feeling unprepared for the biggest stage of my life but the show must go on. and after that, we can finally relax and enjoy our stay in the big city

day 288 – t dot


paying cn tower and rogers centre a visit at night time because it just would not feel like a complete toronto trip without having this iconic picture somewhere. wish i had the time to catch a live bluejays game and it’s a pity the raptors got eliminated early in post season before i got a chance to watch an nba playoff game. it was a disappointing post season especially when they had such a good run in regular season

day 287 – satisfying


a full day spent at taekwondo watching and practicing for nationals. satisfying my sushi craving with a very pricy late night dinner in downtown toronto after a long day at westin. haven’t eaten a meal at normal meal times in eastern time zone and definitely have had enough of toronto tim hortons

day 286 – eaton centre


window shopping inside eaton centre after going for id pickup and weigh in before heading to joeys to satisfy our hunger. lots to see and lots to do in toronto downtown, but we’re all so tired. it’s been a long day after a red eye flight, the plan is to pass out early be prepared to train tomorrow

team bc toronto bound


featuring the red and black adidas swag at vancouver airport really got us the attention we weren’t expecting. the day has come and we are toronto bound to compete at nationals after training and practicing all these months. this is the time when we wished we started much earlier and trained harder to better prepares ourselves instead of procrastinating. group photo just as we are about to enter the gates for 2014 nationals. none of us are ready, some of us are injured but just got to go there and do whatever we can cause there’s no turning back

day 285 – packing problems


theres is no such thing as packing light on my dictionary. debating how many uniforms to bring and which ones is even more stressful than the actual trip to toronto. that’s when you know you got too many options and combinations to choose from. having trouble fitting all my stuff in a duffel bag i think its time to pull out my suitcase

a little nationals preview

recording during training and rewatching over and over to analyze my own poomsae to the finest detail. this is by far my favourite poomsae to watch and practice, but knowing very well that my knees hates it. nationals is fast approaching, must turn it up and work harder and smarter. it gets frustrating because it’s so difficult to make changes that feels so natural and break the bad habits that’s grown on me. still ways to go to get to what i want but certainly coming along