day 815 – chances slipping


the registration deadline is closing in and my chances of being able to compete is diminishing. it’s looking a lot like i have to give up my hope of competing in pan am club cause i still am not cleared to kick. i was really looking forward to going to this one but wouldn’t sacrifice quality just so i can go. a competition would lose its meaning if i went in under trained and not able to uphold¬†my own standard. i know very well that i would feel even worse if i went and did subpar because i am not there to participate but to contend. i guess i will turn my attention to focus on rehab and prepare for what’s next in store for me


day 525 – purple barricades


said i was going to lay off posting food pictures for a while if wasn’t completely necessary, so i decided to drool over these new shoes that i really want. i can picture myself sporting these purple barricades looking super awesome on the court. too bad they don’t make them in a size small enough for me or i would make them mine in an instant. i guess it’s also a good thing because i have way too much pairs of tennis shoes and only one pair of feet

day 313 – gym with restraints


i feel like i have been jailed far too long. hitting the gym for the first time in long stretch since sustaining my injury. been issued plenty of restraints that i am not to do anything involving my legs and will continue to be banned until further notice. sports is my passion and an integral part of my life and without it, my life is nothing but bland. i can’t help but feel hopelessness and wish¬†someone wakes me up when all is better