day 2614 – rest and wait

chiropractor appointment brought me promising news because he said my knee injury does not seem that severe. he encouraged me to take a rest day and then test it out. so i’m basically rotting at home with no lifting and no tricking. it’s bad i almost haven’t touched any weights for a week and i’m afraid this unmotivating feeling will continue. my hopes of competing in the korean ambassador cup is diminishing. i think i need to keep my mind busy with something else before it slides downhill

day 2613 – knee crap

something is really wrong with my right knee and i don’t even know what is the exact cause. i don’t recall there was one incident from bouldering or tricking that was deemed to be the problem. all i know is it’s painful in many positions so i had no sleep. it hurts to walk so i had to cancel my apex lifting session plus my other plans for the rest of the day. the good news is my chiro made time and slotted me in to assess my knee tomorrow afternoon

day 2599 – cart front journey

the mission for today’s open gym was to land a cleaner cart front. i did just that and can say it’s official now. i made four attempts on the floor and went four for four. none of them were as clean as i’d want them, but the technique was there knowing the first ones of any new move will never be the cleanest. this cart front journey has been draining as much emotionally and mentally as it is physically. i think cart fronts deserve a break and so does my ailing forearm. i can rest easier now and can turn my attention to drilling other moves both new and old

day 2528 – term two

round two of taekwondo classes started today and everything went smoothly. there’s more students returning this term so i’ve divided the group to have two small classes simultaneously. i wasn’t as tired or hungry as past weeks by the end of the shift; maybe having an assistant helped a bit. i also had a physio friend needle me in the quad during my short break which is a bonus

day 2509 – finger fractures

i still am not sure what is the extent of my injury, but the stubborn me is reluctant to take my finger into the hospital. i could probably go in and take xrays, but would confirmation really do anything for me? i’m almost certain whatever happens, the doctor will still tell me to lay off it for several weeks and monitor as needed. i found my old splint from my first ever finger fracture, it’s ghetto and bulky so i’m only going to wear it overnight and not alarm my parents

day 2507 – teaching goofs

back to the gym on a saturday morning ready to do the job i know so well. i left alone for my students for a minute and found these goof balls climbing on the make-belief horse. i am a little bummed out i had to pull out of stick and puck in the evening because of my finger injury. i’m sad, but can’t deny that it was for the better. i’m pretty tired after a full day of teaching so driving out to langley wasn’t quite enticing. i went home after teaching and chilled for the rest of the night

day 2502 – surrendered

after a night of ankle disappointment, i still persisted to do the normal morning lift. it wasn’t the normal workload, but it was all that i could muster; did lighter deadlifts and changed up the squats for some overhead presses. it’s also the first time i took a step back and surrendered tricking class even though i wasn’t busy. it didn’t feel right missing my tricking routine, but it also felt right because my body needed to rest and reset. i thought it made more sense to sacrifice today’s class for a chance to have a stronger week

day 2445 – bugged knee

a bit of a bugger because i was doing well in these isolating days until hyper extending my knee on what should’ve been a basic move. it prompted my leg to go into shock, but i was hopeful sitting out a bit would let me continue to train. it was difficult to train, but i wasn’t ready to throw in the white towel. i changed up with it could handle which was predominantly back handsprings and handstands. learning to work with what i have has been a challenge over the course of this recovery, but something i’m slowly starting to adapt to

day 2377 – stay home

didn’t feel like going into work at all and the snow helped me make that call. really have been down in the dumps and needed a break from everything. there’s just so much to think about and lots to plan for if i indeed want to make all my dreams come true. my body and brain needs more than this one day to reset, but i’m getting started on it and foresee i’ll take some time off soon. i stayed home, slept in, and did absolutely nothing. i did once think about going to the gym but i had no car for that

day 2300 – calling my name

the platform and the barbell was taunting me as i walked across. i couldn’t help myself but to stop and try my hands at some cleans today. i didn’t get very far in weight, but i think it was smart for me to stay within a reasonable range. my foot was a little uncomfortable at times just going through some of the motions, but i managed and didn’t do any further damages. step by step i’m testing the limits of my foot and hoping my full return to sports can happen sooner rather than later. being on the disabled list has sucked and staying patient has never been one of my forte