day 2581 – mosquito infection

what started out as a pin-sized mosquito bite from last night turned into a ginormous infection the size of a grapefruit. every time i get a bug bite, it turns into some disgusting infection that makes the whole area inflamed. it burned and itched so much i wasn’t able to get any shut eye. i woke up and put some hydrocortisone, hoping it’d ease the discomfort and i can concentrate on what is at hand

day 2195 – walk in clinic

as much as i didn’t want to go back to work after a long weekend, i was less happy to be spending three and a half hours at a walk in clinic waiting for both the doctor and pharmacy. the mosquito bite flared up so bad overnight i didn’t get any sleep. i got up in the middle of the night to apply and reapply the hydrocortisone. when i woke up, my leg was so red and swelled up it no longer looked like a leg. the doctor prescribed the same antibiotics as last time. i guess that’s what i get for not finishing it last time

day 2007 – sunrise drive


crossing oak bridge on my morning drive to work with this beautiful back drop. never easy waking up early on a monday, especially when i didn’t have much of a weekend. i had a hard time this morning even after three snoozes. i was pretty brain dead at work but good thing i was doing sketchup things or else i would most definitely have fallen asleep

day 812 – fall trees


so i have finally gave in and acknowledge that fall season has arrived in the city. can’t deny it when trees are filled with orangey reds and my lawn is no longer green because it is so cluttered with the fallen leaves. i know it would get gross once the leaves get soaked from the raincouver showers. the weather has definitely changed when it’s cold out in the sun and night falls earlier and earlier everyday. if it’s not obvious enough fall is far from my favourite season

day 22 – ignited android


my portable android speakers that i got from hong kong night market looks so evil with the red glowing eyes while in recharging mode. i have always wanted to know what the android figure is meant to be, but i guess i will never find out. i will just continue to assume its a little green alien