day 2585 – lift redemption

a small redemption from last week’s apex session and a good way to end the month. i struggled with the heavier weights last thursday, failing to snatch the forty three kilos four times. all the lifts felt pretty strong today, maybe the cue i needed was to keep my upper back tight. my coach randomly asked why we haven’t been working on clean and jerks; we couldn’t remember the reason so he decided to add some cleans to the end of the workout. it definitely felt quite unnatural since i haven’t done any for almost three months

day 2473 – mother’s day meal

normally my brother and i would take the family out for a mother’s day dinner, this year was slightly compromised. this is the quarantine mother’s day edition where we were only able to order takeout. eating a decent meal together and playing having some quality time together playing board games is the least i could do for all the things she’s ever done for us. she’s the reason why i am me today. i hope one day i can make her proud and be the daughter she hoped for

day 2053 – nerf shenanigans

the championship win was just an excuse to have a squirtle house party. it’s just another reason for the team to get together for a bonder. i skipped the dinner, but arrived just in time for the team shots. it was a fun night that had just about everything. we went from having nerf wars, to jamming with guitars, to playing story games, to some light sparring to some hockey goalie tutorials. the party went real late and i didn’t get home after past 4am. i haven’t had such a late night in a long time, but i’m glad i did