day 201 – back on track


today is a good day as my physio cleared me to resume light activities and training in preparation for competition. my eyes glowed and my heart exploded with joy when he broke the news to me. pleasantly surprised my physio got me back on my feet so quickly, i can’t thank my physio and kinesiologist enough for everything but i take some credit since i had to listen to stay put, work hard at rehab and do all those dorsiflexions. the best news in a week along with glimpse of sunshine in the afternoon

day 90 – me, myself and i


since i have lost my voice completely, i will be in a quiet world of my own. seeing my family doctor didn’t help at all, she said i should not talk for next three to four days, not even whisper. made teaching a challenge not to mention teaching a group of students a┬ánew technique an entirely unique experience