day 1876 – tea steeper

steeping a white tea after lunch to avoid falling asleep from the common after lunch syndrome. been really strict and conscious of what my intake is. the progress in the short time i’ve started has been really promising. it hasn’t been easy and takes a lot of discipline to stick with it, but i’m feeling pumped and determined to keep it going strong. it’s only phase one, but it’s a great start and i’m sure excited to see what the pay off will be

day 325 – summer solstice


the calendar says it’s the first day of summer and the weather definitely proved it right. despite the recent chilly and wet weather we have received, it was nice to see the sun and clouds in the blue sky. too bad i had to spend most of the day indoor. nonetheless the weather is very promising for and i can’t wait til summer comes so i can spend more time outdoors playing what i love