day 2560 – split squats

wednesday workout switched from just a regular squat workout to a powerlifter inspired workout. it’s a combination of back squats, front squats, split squats and hip thrusters. thursday open gym will be rough after an intense leg day, but we’ll stick with this workout program for the month of august and see how far it takes us. maybe this will help restore whatever’s been hindering my squat strength

day 1401 – feeding off 

after a stressful mental battle with stacy garcia deadline for eight hours, my mind was drained. a quick visit to chiro with steady recovery for my back and ribs, but bad news for my hip. it was humbling when a power lifter i frequently see and viewed from afar came to introduce herself. i look on as she’s feeding off his encouragements as she goes. what i didn’t know was as i’m impressed with the amount of weight she pushed, she is equally impressed with my coordination and balance as i did my olympic lifts and pistols