day 2657 – mural day

i was really looking forward to this mural day in midst of the province’s lockdown. we kept within our social bubble and made sure we wore a mask everywhere we went. we started off with murals down south and worked our way to granville island. it was my first back tucks on concrete outside; not going to lie, i was shaking inside but didn’t want to chicken out. we didn’t get the full on gimbal session we wanted because we were all too cold and tired, but we will definitely be back for more next time. we went for korean bbq dinner and shaved ice to finish off our hangout

day 2628 – mural hopping

after a back to back days of morning apex session, i had a really fun time mural hopping around town with the flightclub family. the crew and i started out in gastown, moved our way to strathcona before heading to mount pleasant. we got tons of nice action shots as well as videos. i’m a little bummed out i got so close, but didn’t land my back tuck in front of the transformer mural. i have to get back to fixing my back tucks in trainings and come back for this landing. hopefully next time we come back, i’ll have more tricks i could do

day 2564 – hearty stroll

my apex morning lifting session was quite challenging coping with the residue of leg soreness. i have new workout of on the minute snatches up to forty kilograms. my friend last minute bailed on lunch plans so i went for a stroll and spotted this along the cambie corridor. nothing exciting kind of sunday, a laid back afternoon not up to much all day before hitting up the regular open gym

day 2168 – spiderman ps4

continuing with the spiderman theme because i was pressured by the crew to put on my new spiderman ps4 suit. i’m not going to lie i was feeling self conscious because i never had to put on a full suit when no one else around me had one on. i got a spot in since i wasn’t sure how slippery the landing would be. i took some photos and did a couple back flips before i changed out of it. i told myself i wasn’t in spiderman shape yet, but come the end of the thirteen weeks i will be

day 2081 – triad jerseys

my linemates looking sharp in our new triad jersey and posing with them after game before the zamboni rushed us off the ice. i wasn’t so keen on having the light jerseys for civil war again, but they turned out nicer than the other team’s. my line didn’t score tonight and it’s my fault because i was robbed point blank. i really wasn’t having my night and had an earful after the game. i was told to play harder instead of playing down to my opponents’ level

day 853 – dodge life


today was a highly anticipated night of dodgeball – the all friend’s rivalry. it’s not everyday all three opponents are my friends, teammates, enemies and biggest rivals. there was no letdown and no shortage of fun tonight, it must be the best week of this season by far. playing thirty games a night is now a norm for me because not only do i play for my team, but i sub for other teams and even play against my own team. all this dodgeball craziness happened after a training session, which i recently found i play better when i am already all tired out. it was one of those nights that had fun written all over it and if it weren’t for the photos, i wouldn’t even realize how much fun i actually had

day 233 – selfie


the sun is out but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s warm enough to wear tshirt outside. i tried today and my face and limbs felt like popiscle before i knew it. had some spare time between my meetings and commitments so decided it was a good idea to pull over and take a selfie with an asian pose, first one ever posted here and i presume there will be more to follow