day 344 – check up


bored while waiting to see what the physio says and wondering how my knee is holding up after resuming most if not all my activities. was capable of doing the usual exercises with some ease and even tried some new variations, but its still feels much weaker than pre injury. i personally think it’s feeling better but keeping in mind that my feelings are sometimes off by a mile so my assumptions are irrelevant. needing to find distractions to keep myself occupied and entertained during my waits


day 300 – deja vu


just as i thought my knee has turned the corner and fitted back in its groove, it pops back out of place. completely abused by my physio’s physical manipulation while he forcefully pushes it back into place. him at his best continually pushing my pain tolerance. restrictions order in effect that physical activity is not permitted and permission of activities must be granted. it’s also my 300th day post to date