day 2327 – physio revisit

my day off spent seeing doctors with a stick and puck session in between. the last time i was at this clinic was back in march. that time i was already attending to the same ankle injury. the only difference is this time i already know that my ankle ligament is torn and there’s nothing he can do to fix it permanently. he worked on my shoulder and elbow for the longest time before putting my ankle back into alignment, but said i’ll have need to wear an aircast brace for stability. it honestly isn’t something i can accept for the rest of my life

day 294 – feeling good


it’s official in black and white. very happy to announce this place is what i will be calling home for the foreseeable future. wonder if this will be a life changing experience and a place where i will kick start what i have been hoping and waiting for. hopefully this will be the beginning of a path that leads me to bigger and better things