day 2693 – kind cafe

been meaning to stop by this vegan cafe to check out their coffee and decor. it’s a nicely laid out place with two stories, lots of signage and a unique art piece with a lit up peace sign. i tried their regular latte with what they called vegan mylk. i wouldn’t say it tasted better or worse, but it tasted different than the normal. their overpriced items and deposit on the coffee mug was not a selling point

day 1995 – ten year challenge

i was browsing around in old photo albums to complete the ten year challenge. i certainly had a good laugh when i saw the things i did and what was considered ‘in’ at that time. it wasn’t easy finding pictures from ten years ago since digital photography wasn’t as developed then. not much has changed since, just lost my glasses and baby fat and gave up the bangs that took way too long to grow out. it was a hit in hong kong back then, but i don’t know if i’d ever want bangs again

day 754 – conquered chief


posing at peak two cause i am asian. all hiked out and legs ready to give in after completing a tiring three peak hike that took just over five hours. it was endless climbing of a natural stair master of over two hundred flights of stairs but in the end the breathtaking view made it all worthwhile. second peak stood out for me because the obstacles and the awesome view really capped it off. it was like parkour, i always knew had a little spiderman in me