day 1166 – bars and boxes

DSC_2974something made me feel pretty good as i was left the gym today. maybe because my first attempts at box jumps in over a month turned out really well. i thought i’d try some easy ones just to reintroduce it to my body, but ended up matching my normal height. it wasn’t that i was pain free, but the fact the pain didn’t escalate is something i’ll gladly take. i can honestly say through the past two weeks i’ve been painstakingly patient. i hope it pays off and treats me well with recovery

day 933 – voodoo

img_20200130_2327151802537736241683869.jpggot my hands on these and will be flossing ever so often until my elbow gets better, or good enough to do normal things. i have felt a significant amount of strength lost in that arm ever since but can’t really work it in its current state. hoping this will be the cure so i can hold off on physio until i have a gap in between my hectic schedule. but no matter what the condition is, training, sports and fun doesn’t stop for nothing

day 294 – feeling good


it’s official in black and white. very happy to announce this place is what i will be calling home for the foreseeable future. wonder if this will be a life changing experience and a place where i will kick start what i have been hoping and waiting for. hopefully this will be the beginning of a path that leads me to bigger and better things