day 2613 – knee crap

something is really wrong with my right knee and i don’t even know what is the exact cause. i don’t recall there was one incident from bouldering or tricking that was deemed to be the problem. all i know is it’s painful in many positions so i had no sleep. it hurts to walk so i had to cancel my apex lifting session plus my other plans for the rest of the day. the good news is my chiro made time and slotted me in to assess my knee tomorrow afternoon

day 214 – patella


results of leaving my knees taped up for a full day through my physically active day.  it’s what i rely on to protect, secure and limit the taxing on my delicate knees so i can do what i want for the most part. i wish i could be less reliant on taping and support for the poor tracking of my knees

day 208 – tape job


that’s more than half a roll of tape used in one go. this is the amount of tape required to tape my ankle and knee to provide stabilization and continue to train for this weekend. no time to sit, rest, wait or waste time because the competition is only days away and i still feel super unprepared