day 1592 Рgramercy 

i never questioned whether my heart is in the right place cause i know it myself. the holiday card and written notes says it all. this reminds me of why i continue to push through my hectic life to be teaching year after year. the commitment is by no means small, but one that is meaningful to me. i don’t want to give up these kids i’ve trained, some for several months and some seven years. i forget what it’s like to be appreciated for what i do and what i do well. i thought it didn’t bug me, but it actually does and i’m told i should never tolerate or take it from anyone that doesn’t appreciate

day 158 – the story of enclosure


this is my favourite model and most meaningful piece of artifact that i have built around.  enclosure has never escaped my mind for the past couple years and has practically been the story of my life as an ender.  it has given me so much inspiration and provided with so much freedom to expand upon