day 2674 – chair climbing

had a lighter teaching saturday morning with one private session and a bunch of competition filming. we made a pit stop at park royal mall and shopped a bit before heading down to burnaby specifically for these stacked chairs. we really wanted to climb these chairs outside station square last time we saw it, so we’re back with a tripod. the climb to the second chair wasn’t too difficult, but my back really put up a fight

day 1467 Рdockside view 

a sunday going across the bridge to north vancouver, west vancouver, then granville island. hit up the lonsdale quay market and park royal before some fancy seafood. this isn’t our usual calibre for dinner, but came here for the patio dinner and that view. treasure the extended time together; it only happens on special weekends. it was an enjoyable good day but i’m disappointed i couldn’t keep the better part of me to myself