day 1251 – canucks win


sitting in the three hundred level watching the canucks host and beat the avalanche. finding parking was a little bit of a gong show, but we made it in time before puck drop. it’s their fourth straight win and one that didn’t require overtime or shootout. it’s still early, but at least the canucks are back in the playoff picture. luckily there was no fat guy next to me this time making me feel claustrophobic


day 904 – parking skills


i know real estate in vancouver is expensive and tough to come by, but that’s one tight spot there. no wonder it’s one of the last spots left vacant and the amount of paint left on the columns says it all. i guess i could use this to my advantage because i trust my parking skills enough to take that spot. i never come here at this time of the day, but i also never expected this parkade to be so full at this hour