day 1423 – box jumping

img_20200123_114438481558505241169057.jpgjumping my boxes is a liberty i no longer take for granted. actually, there’s very liberty i take for granted as my body has learned the hard way over the years. box jumps has been sparse ever since beginning my rehab with chiro. of the times i tried the past seven weeks, i either only managed a thirty box or stopped short in excruciating hip pain. two weeks into kineisiologist rehab today, i’m back on boxes and made a thirty nine box. the most positive note to take away is pain free jumps. i hope to keep up with the no advil days

day 879 – fisting


for the first time in two weeks, i can finally fully close my hand to make a fist. it’s by no means comfortable in that position and it’s trying to resist that motion, but just being able to do so painfree is a huge breakthrough. fifteen days of not being able to close my hand cost me many days of missed but necessary training. even though my gyming continued, lots had to be forfeited or altered to compensate for the finger. i never realized how essential fisting was, but it became hard learned knowledge

day 410 – tennis time


having been plagued with waves of injuries throughout the summer months left me nothing but an empty feeling inside. constantly battling injury after injury, i am finally on the mend, feeling better and can finally say my knees didnt bother me during today’s tennis session. able to take advantage of the perfect weather and do what i love to do without limitations has rarely happened the past few months. but because it happened today, it turned my weekend from a good one to a great one. taught me never to take health for granted, and i can only cherish every pain free moment more than before. it’s a good feeling i sense i have turned the corner and feel closer to my normal self again. the focus over the next little while will be on getting better, training back to normal self and eventually to a better and stronger state