day 2713 – doctor visit

the bleeding on two of my fingers haven’t stopped on day three. i’m worried, but i didn’t want to go even though half a dozen people told me to. i’m not so down for stitches because i’ve never gotten stitches without being put out. the doctor said i would’ve gotten stitches had i gone in right away. instead, he cleaned it up, pushed the skin together, bandaged it a little better than what i could’ve done, and also gave me a tetanus shot. i got myself a cookie to help with all the blood i’ve lost

day 2702 – home therapy

nothing going on except staying at home trying to do therapy on my back. it’s so bad i still can’t bend over and pain should shoot up my spine every time i try to bend forward or lifted my left leg. i’ve never taken painkillers for any injuries or operations in the past, so it’s a little alarming i took some this time. most of my day was spent on the floor doing releases i was shown last time i had the same back injury. i also managed to do a very light circuit that’s suppose to help strengthen areas that might be contributing to the pain

day 2680 – garage heat

the weather is getting unbearably cold. it’s literally impossible to workout normally in my garage. my friend heard i’ve been having tons of back trouble and made time to come alleviate the pain even after a long day at work. the heater i picked up didn’t really keep us warm, but may have kept us from hypothermia. i’m very grateful he took time out of my busy schedule to ease me of my pain and get me moving again. i felt i was moving way better afterwards, but i was told the pain will still be around until my psoas gets a few more releases

day 2620 – tech day

i’m back on the platform after not having touched any weights since my knee broke down last week. my coach changed up the plan for today knowing i’m nowhere near a hundred percent. we kept all the snatches light with no feet movement and focused more on technique, but went pretty heavy on the clean and jerk complex which got up to ninety percent of my max. i walked out with an outrageously sore calf which was mildly sore when i first walked in. i’m really happy to be back no matter how much pain this will cause

day 2614 – rest and wait

chiropractor appointment brought me promising news because he said my knee injury does not seem that severe. he encouraged me to take a rest day and then test it out. so i’m basically rotting at home with no lifting and no tricking. it’s bad i almost haven’t touched any weights for a week and i’m afraid this unmotivating feeling will continue. my hopes of competing in the korean ambassador cup is diminishing. i think i need to keep my mind busy with something else before it slides downhill

day 2613 – knee crap

something is really wrong with my right knee and i don’t even know what is the exact cause. i don’t recall there was one incident from bouldering or tricking that was deemed to be the problem. all i know is it’s painful in many positions so i had no sleep. it hurts to walk so i had to cancel my apex lifting session plus my other plans for the rest of the day. the good news is my chiro made time and slotted me in to assess my knee tomorrow afternoon

day 2579 – workout-less

i was going to workout by myself even though my workout partner had to shop, but i lazied out because i felt that my ankle could take a break after landing someone’s bottle last night. i don’t think it’s anything major but i’m sure something is wrong with it and i’ll get it checked out at chiro appointment tomorrow. at least i went to sportchek and go some shopping done

day 2565 – deadlift work

deadlift volume increased in the monday workout. did both conventional and single deadlifts and made it more difficult by pairing them with pullups and barbell rows. i almost didn’t finish my required twenty five pullups, but i did in the end, though not in my best form. my cart fronts felt good early on so i was given the go ahead to try it off air track onto red pulled off the floor. though i didn’t end up doing any on the floor and also shocked my knee while practicing, i thought i made progress having tried with different setup

day 2454 – stubborn knee

it’s hard to stay positive when i was all eager to train raiz into red, but i can’t carry out the drill because my knee simply can’t take the landing on the mat. it started to get inflamed after five attempts and i wasn’t even at a point where i was doing it right yet. i teared up a little getting overly flustered and frustrated. the stubborn me says i’m still going to do this drill no matter what because i’m determined to get this move

day 2327 – physio revisit

my day off spent seeing doctors with a stick and puck session in between. the last time i was at this clinic was back in march. that time i was already attending to the same ankle injury. the only difference is this time i already know that my ankle ligament is torn and there’s nothing he can do to fix it permanently. he worked on my shoulder and elbow for the longest time before putting my ankle back into alignment, but said i’ll have need to wear an aircast brace for stability. it honestly isn’t something i can accept for the rest of my life