day 1280 – malay meal

happy to have our busy schedules meet so we can spend some evening time together. we work hard during the day and hangout and relax in the evening. molested the lime wedge before i dug into my shrimp tomato pad thai. i may look like a pig with the two big dishes in front of me, but rest assure i didn’t have all that. i did however keep it to a bare minimal to save my quota for tonight’s malaysian meal 

day 228 – malay


sitting back and enjoying a malaysian dinner with family after a day of teaching. everything was very delicious especially the skewers but there was nothing that wasn’t oily. i know my overly sensitive digestive system will be annoyed with me if i have it everyday so to stay on the good side

day 59 – dinner time


a nice long dinner out with family after a tiring but satisfying saturday afternoon. making the most out of vouchers and trying this newly opened restaurant that serves taiwanese food and bubble tea. had their in house special milk tea and some rice noodles and must admit the drink was pretty delicious