day 2699 – pixel 5

ordered my new pixel back in november and excited to be picking it up from the fedex. the new pixel 5 isn’t considered a huge upgrade to my current pixel 3, but i was really looking forward to it for specific functions. this upgrade would give me much needed battery life and allow me to take more videos during my training sessions without having to worry about removing clips on a daily basis. i spent much of my afternoon setting it up and personalizing it to perfection

day 2669 – teal vessi

super excited that my limited edition teal vessi came through my front door. i bought the black slip ons, but the moment these became available, i called in to do an exchange. good thing i made the call first thing in the morning because some sizes were gone within the hour. i wore them inside my house all day and couldn’t wait to debut it outside. if the other limited edition comes back in stock, i may make another impulse order

day 2586 – gadgets acquired

a few recent purchases arrived at my doorstep including the tablet keyboard dock, wireless charger, bluetooth scale, monitor adapters, sportchek equipment and reebok apparel. i also impulsively ordered an xbox controller for gaming purposes. having amazon prime could be a dangerous thing for me; i need to consider slowing down some of these impulsive buys

day 2355 – bench wear

got into my office this morning to see a package on my desk as large as my desk. this package was ordered back on boxing day when i decided the need to splurge and treat myself to a new jacket. one jacket turned into two jackets and sweatpants because i simply couldn’t turn down such a good deal. i was really happy with how they fit and not comfy the sweatpants were. i’ll enjoy it to the max before the credit card bill comes

say 2162 – spiderman costume

my spiderman suit took a while to get to me, but at least the long wait is finally over. at first glance, i didn’t think it would fit, but after trying it on, i think it’s made unisex. i’ll need to make several adjustments and upgrades before i can wear it out. rest assure it will be ready and look amazing come halloween. the whole flightclub crew is really going with the all out spiderman theme

day 2066 – shipping order

my latest order came in, but too bad the sizing chart wasn’t very accurate. what was meant to fit up to five foot five ended up being too short for me. my search continues because my unproportionally long legs isn’t easy to shop for. maybe it’s hinting that i need to keep my spendings tab in check because i tend to buy duplicates of things that i like but don’t necessarily need

day 1985 – varsity jacket


i’m pretty satisfied with the clothes i received from boxing week shopping. my wardrobe’s latest addition includes a couple new sweatshirts, a hoodie, a puffy jacket, a windbreaker, and this jersey jacket. though i like it, i’m not sure if i should size down for a better fit or keep this it baggier for more comfort. i think i’ve put the only two maroon pieces i own on my body

day 1982 – galaxy tab

newest addition to my tech toys is a london fog samsung tablet. i ordered it during boxing day and finally received the package because there’s so much hassle and delays with canada post. there’s a lot of settings i still haven’t figured out since it’s the first samsung product i own. with all the tech things i own, i got to manage my screen time properly and not overdo it. now i can take this with me traveling instead of my fifty pound bullet proof laptop

day 751 – unknown order


you know you have been doing too much online shopping and impulsive buys when you don’t recall what packages you are expecting. did i order something i didn’t know about or has it been so long i forgot about. i guess i shall find out once i pick up the package. good thing i haven’t placed an order recently, trying to hold off on the big spending for a while and work on saving