day 2670 – sfu scouting

made a trip up to simon fraser university in the evening to scout for good filming places. we walked around outside couldn’t access a lot of the facilities. most places we passed by were too dark to do a nightshoot unless we bring our own lights. eventually, we found an unlocked lecture hall in the quadrangle and was setting up for a back tuck video until a security came in to kick us out. we walked around some more before calling it a night

day 2651 – olympic oval shoot

giving the gimbal a go at richmond olympic oval as our first video shoot. i did some basic kicks and combos which all turned out nice, but one-shotting the back tuck on the boardwalk really made my day. the constant drilling each session is really paying off; i hope it’ll stay consistent so i never lose it again. i’m very fortunate my friend is really passionate about cinematography and editing. it was a lot of fun playing around with the action shots, slow motions, transitions and b-rolls, just unfortunate the gimbal ran out of the battery early. i’m really looking forward to doing our next shoot

day 2619 – monster cam

i like the new october schedule shifted an hour earlier so i can get off and still have somewhat of an afternoon. i agreed to help film something after work without knowing what it was. it was a creative yet crazy idea that involved a car, painter’s tape and flips. as crazy as it was, i was brave enough to even ask to try one myself. i think i’m at a point where i can challenge myself and take my back tucks on different surfaces and situations. i ended up getting some cool footages for the gram. i wouldn’t mind filming more of these crazy ideas and eventually having more “outside” land-able tricks

day 2522 – catan-ing

it was important i pushed out some work today because all the scheduling needed to be set for next weekend. after hashing out the major components, i was in my backyard getting two tans going – catan and suntan. i felt bad that i was multitasking during the game early parts of the game, but it was not fun for me at the beginning. i trailed right from the get go, but somehow waited it out and caught up at fourteen points. too bad everyone gave up on the game because i feel like i could’ve pulled out the victory

day 2420 – park time

thankful for the kinds of connections i’ve developed during my time at hospitality designs. in times like this, i know i could lean on some and make it through okay. we’ve developed a bond that made me realize we’re each other’s reasons to go to work for. we talk about our goals, plans, and struggles, and keep each other accountable while striving for those milestones. work would never have been the same without these special bonds. i hope this continues and we’ll continue to be there through thick and thin

day 2220 – outside masters

keeping up with practice at masters class on one of my infrequent saturday off. i’m even more taped up than usual after getting a scrape across my instep yesterday, but that’s never stopped me from anything in the past. i’m glad i went because i got more pointers on how to refine my back tuck and x-outs. the bonus was getting to try them with shoes and then some x-out attempts on grass, both spotted and unspotted. i wouldn’t say i’m comfortable with it by all means, but the fear is slowly shrinking. it’s a pretty good way to end the month of august

day 2135 – champs elysees

today was dedicated shopping day walking down both rue du rivoli and champs elysees. i didn’t buy any designer handbags but i did buy a pair of shoes and some t-shirts. i’m so glad the weather cooperated today since it was all outdoor walking. i guess i shouldn’t be buying much since this trip itself is already costing quite a bit. also, the longer i’ve been away and the more frustrated i am with how some things are dealt with. i’d cut the trip short if i had that option

day 2131 – amsterdam centraal

we added another country to our list by making an impromtu day trip out to amsterdam. it wasn’t a bad idea until we realized a two and a half hour train ride, one way, is actually painfully long. during the day, we almost melted because we were basically outdoor all day and it was thirty one degrees at one point. the city had a lot of historic buildings, bikes, canals and floating flower markets. it was a nice place to take photos and enjoy the scenic walk

day 1844 – portabella burger

with the completion of civil war comes the season end barbecue. classic portabella mushroom burger is actually using a portabella as the top bun. it was a bit disappointing to run out of food at a barbecue. i didn’t get my weiner but i guess my body didn’t have use for that extra calories. we had to order church’s chicken just to feed the crew. just a night chilling with people i play with and against. i also got four big mosquito bites from the night even though i applied bug spray

day 1770 – bootcamp

the office bootcamp is underway and the first session the pace was too slow. i guess the trainer wanted to see where the general fitness was at since we have quite a mixed bag. everything was pretty standard body weight exercise; too much jumping jacks for one day. although it was slow, i did break a sweat simply because it was quite warm being under the sun. i wanted to go to gym afterwards but thought about it twice since i had penta in the evening. i hope the pace and intensity of these bootcamp picks up in the next eleven weeks. hopefully this kickstarts and stabilizes my own fitness routine again