day 2692 – bentall scavenger

finding these christmas decorations was like going for a scavenger hunt around downtown. we drove around in circles and finally find the big christmas tree and ornaments near bentall towers. weather forecast said it wasn’t suppose to rain after 7pm, but that was wrong. i did my first back tuck in the rain and another under the tree with limited vertical clearance, both were pretty scary

day 2675 – christmas decor

as a family tradition, the last weekend of november is always the time to put up christmas decorations. this year, i wanted to decorate my workstation a little more because i need it to lighten up my mood. we put up the big christmas tree in the living room as usual along with ornaments and lights. i’m hoping with these bright lights around the house, it’ll bring back some holiday spirit and salvage what has been a really rough year for most

day 2315 – christmas tree top

once last week of november hits, everyone was putting up their christmas trees. i was a little behind but my christmas tree is finally up in my living room piled with decorations and lights. my family typically decorates all over the interior of the house, but the past two years we’ve lessened because taking it down is not as fun. this month’s electric bills will be higher than other months

day 1589 – ornamentation 

holiday season feels immediately bolstered when i came home to a decorated christmas tree and lots of lighting. annual house decorations are up in keeping in line with the family prerequisites. keep in mind there’s less than twenty sleeps before christmas day. it got busy all around the same time almost lost track of time passing. got to get started on the christmas gift shopping. started planning a little late this year, but december parties are beginning to roll in

day 1417 – canucks blowout 

too bad i had to teach and couldn’t go but i sent my parents to canucks inventory blowout sale weekend. my family is avid hockey fans so they came back with a few goods and accessories. lots of game worn equipment and apparel available; i would think about them but too bad their sizes are always too big. i’ve always wanted to try playing in goal but don’t have the right sized equipment to do so