day 155 – uc reunited


so happy uc reunited in vancouver and got together for a late christmas celebration. bringing back tons of memories of the good old days with a night of fooling around like big kids, killing each other like we have always done, bringing up all the unforgettable moments and special memories and a whole lot of gaming


day 29 – look what i found


this all happened after we watched and re-watched the coach carter movie. a contract we signed in black and white years ago that would give the rights of our soul to the other. little did we know this agreement still stands today and until the end of our days. how much we have changed since and how everything is still the same, just like yesterday. don’t ever change

day 27 – need a push


think i finally set a much needed goal and found promising motivator to push myself to reach this goal. as history shows, i rely on someone to consistently push me and kick me in the butt to keep me on track and remind me whenever i am slacking. hopefully this is what will keep me grounded