day 1602 – cleaning up

the day has come for i tried my first in a long time and it brought so much joy to my heart. what a great feeling it was to be able to power clean without any pain in the thumb, though not without some adjustments to protect it. though i must say that’s no indication my thumb is healed and ready for other things. it’s simply bettered to take on some vibrations as opposed to alarming spasms the last time i tried. it’s good to see my technique is still there. as i slowly make my way back to my routine work, i have no doubt my routine play will come back to me soon. it’s been much longer than anticipated, but soon i’ll be able to proudly stand tall for what i went through was nothing most people can compare to

day 933 – voodoo

img_20200130_2327151802537736241683869.jpggot my hands on these and will be flossing ever so often until my elbow gets better, or good enough to do normal things. i have felt a significant amount of strength lost in that arm ever since but can’t really work it in its current state. hoping this will be the cure so i can hold off on physio until i have a gap in between my hectic schedule. but no matter what the condition is, training, sports and fun doesn’t stop for nothing

day 731 – just gyming


heading to the gym crippled but leaving happy because my ankle exceeded all my expectations. some heavy taping on my ankle makes it that much more functional, i can fall asleep easy feeling like it accomplished something today. even though i know it needs rest in order to heal properly, i also had the urge to test it out to get a better idea of what it will allow me to do this weekend. i hate waiting and i cannot be patient with these things

day 410 – tennis time


having been plagued with waves of injuries throughout the summer months left me nothing but an empty feeling inside. constantly battling injury after injury, i am finally on the mend, feeling better and can finally say my knees didnt bother me during today’s tennis session. able to take advantage of the perfect weather and do what i love to do without limitations has rarely happened the past few months. but because it happened today, it turned my weekend from a good one to a great one. taught me never to take health for granted, and i can only cherish every pain free moment more than before. it’s a good feeling i sense i have turned the corner and feel closer to my normal self again. the focus over the next little while will be on getting better, training back to normal self and eventually to a better and stronger state

day 387 – dysfunctional


my uncooperative legs have been preventing me from carrying out my regular routines. currently on the mend with my finger crossed whatever that’s bothering me is┬ánot too serious like the original diagnosis because i hate being benched and watching from the sideline. i hate it when it interferes with my routines and no one understands how i feel how hopeless and desperate i feel

day 319 – in addition


suppose this would make up for the past few weeks of low, when i am running out of patience with the complete breakdown of my knee. would feel much better if i could actually perform when receiving this. hope once i can get my leg back in working form that i will be able to live up to expectations and do many more great things

day 199 – reminder


must remind myself of these wise words from a fortune cookie. have to remain patient during this recovery process and do what’s best for my ankle to make sure it doesn’t impede on any recovery progress. so hard for me to sit still and wait for things to happen and let it recover ever so slowly

day 197 – happy valentine’s day


a visit to physio for my peach sized ankle in the day plus home made fusion steak and veggies paired with chocolate red wine, belgian cappuccino frozen yogurt waffles and candlelight dinner completed my night.  thanks for being my chauffeur and making my night a good one even under such unfavourable circumstances.  happy valentine’s day