day 1052 – bellingham


fun times driving south of the border to shop for some closing out deals. many of the shelves were swept clean, but luckily we were still able to find some equipment that we were looking for. this day trip allowed me to back away from recent matters and just let my day naturally roll out. the drive down wasn’t too bad, but we hit friday rush hour traffic on the way back which made me really close to having a road rage outburst


day 390 – getting fat


matltasers had my at first sight because i saw these on sale at london drugs and couldn’t turn down that offer. at least it lightens up a bad day coupled by a series of frustrating events. can’t imagine how much sugar is in that bag of chocolate. the worst combination is eating so much chocolate and sugar without any exercise to work off that excess caloric intake. now i am definitely going to get even fatter

day 66 – extreme like!!


really like this white and lime green pair of barricades at impulse sports but too pricey for my poor wallet even at its sale price. must be careful with my spendings and make distinction between wants and needs. the last thing i need is to buy another pair of triple digit tennis shoes