day 1333 – saturday off

img_20200204_1532376877729551114037113.jpgso this is what a saturday off feels like – no 7am alarm, doing my research, getting myself caught up with planning before an active stretching session. moving was difficult since i’m ultra sore from whatever i pushed my body to do yesterday, but i’ll take the soreness. hitting the spot with some ramen and some quality time with mo. i’m going to enjoy all twenty four hours of this because it’ll be a while before i can say that again

day 931 – liquid nitrogen


a hamber reunion is a great excuse to indulge in some liquid nitrogen ice cream. i never tried any of vancouver’s top soft serve dessert places before. tonight i made an exception and went for a treat meal while my “hubby” is making a special appearance all the way from taiwan. great time with great company as always, it makes up for the mishaps that took place in dodgeball tonight. my thumb is in considerable pain i am still contemplating if i need to consult a doctor