day 625 – cactus coal harbour


looking back at the grand opening trades night of cactus club coal harbor. thinking bakc and remembering how frustrating the work was but also realizing how rewarding it is to be a part of something so grand. since its grand opening, i have been back to this location three times. the food is an excuse to go eat there, but more importantly is the memories and signifiances this place holds


day 547 – mild winter weather


gorgeous weather in late january with very mild temperatures this winter season which could be both good and bad. sunshine calls for nice stroll out although it can get a little too breezy along the seawall. but also because weather has been mild, it hasn’t allowed me to hit the slopes for skiing yet. i will take it as long as it’s not wet and rainy like what vancouver is notorious for

day 148 – stanley park


unlike the typical boxing day, much of my activity did not take place early in the morning door crashing and fighting with thousands of others at malls but rather at night in a calm outdoor at stanley park. enjoyed a lovely night out eating japanese delicacy, visiting bright nights and wandering around downtown