day 745 – stocking


my obsession¬†for protein bars and my quest to find the best ones continues. function is important but flavour is also a big factor in complimenting my many moods. stocking up in bulk and ready to go because i will be needing them. don’t mind me, i haven’t gone crazy but just doing what i need to do because this is the only way i can ever get enough protein intake in a day


day 520 – vertical circulation


another day working on my portfolio, a completely different kind of grind. i am on a mission to look for all types of vertical circulation. going places and taking pictures of all that might be useful for my project. it felt really uneasy when people gave me glares and must have thought i must be a weirdo stalker or have an obsession with escalators. i gotta do what needs to be done

day 334 – fruit slice


look who’s getting pro at slicing and dicing, call me queen of fruit slice. but in reality i can barely cut a fruit in real life. my recent obsession with setting new high scores finally succeeded. i think these high scores are here to stay on my phone for a long while. but of course when i look at world records, they have crazy stats i sometimes think there’s a way to hack or cheat the game