day 1169 – rattled

img_20200204_2157025212719555131841140.jpgthere are instances when breaking down is the way to continue being hardy. had one of the heaviest conversation that i’ve been evading for as long as i could, but it was one that made my heart feel lighter. little was said within the conversation, everything else said it all. sometimes i’m at a loss of words because everything stays inside, but understand that i’ll always be the person you came to know. it was very difficult to follow through the night with dodgeball and training

day 386 – vroom


this must have been two summers ago but i think i still look the same. sitting on a motorcycle makes me feel so cool and all but i can live on not having ever ridden a motorcycle in motion. although i do remember all the times when i was in china standing on a scooter while the china man drives me around like a mad men weaving in and out of traffic from all directions. having said that, i wouldn’t turn down the idea of riding a scooter just for fun, that’s if i am the driver

day 29 – look what i found


this all happened after we watched and re-watched the coach carter movie. a contract we signed in black and white years ago that would give the rights of our soul to the other. little did we know this agreement still stands today and until the end of our days. how much we have changed since and how everything is still the same, just like yesterday. don’t ever change