day 2463 – fresh coconut

successfully opened my first fresh coconut all by myself but with some technical difficulties along the way. i didn’t puncture the top as hard as i should’ve because i didn’t want to cause too much noise. i also tried three different knives before i found one that was tough enough to puncture the cap off. the coconut juice tasted extra sweet and refreshing compared to canned ones . the only downside is it produces so much garbage

day 740 – wakeboarding


continuing my stint of water activities with my first try at wakeboarding today. i didn’t have the greatest success getting up and staying on my board at the beginning, fallen numerous times, but i did manage to get it down somewhat near the end. i also drank a lot of salt water while i was submerged into the open water – i am sure i hit my daily water intake for the day. at the end of the day my forearms are beyond exhausted. but above all i had an awesome time out there and would definitely do it again

day 553 – throwback pandas


first week of regular play for season 19 means exec duties even when i am sick as a dog. throwback to the hard throwing thunder panda days counting back seven seasons ago when we were fresh faces of the league. even though my panda team disbanded, it’s good to see that most of us are still involved on separate teams. to see how far i have come as a player and as an exec is quite a long trek not forgotten

day 546 – good showing at 101


you know the winter off season is officially over when dodgeball exhibition week is on. another full house for dodgeball 101 to get all the noobs up to speed for season 19. lots of brand new faces showed up to learn the game that seemingly has simplest objective but in reality has a lot of rules and tactics. at the same time new players are learning the game, i am improving my league operations skills and i feel much improved from last season already

day 346 – failing wrist


spent a good twenty minutes in the washroom preparing myself to hit the courts for some light hitting. a sprained wrist doesn’t stop me from doing much especially when it comes to doing what i love. it took a long time to get this done because i am noob at taping wrists, but it looks and feels decently stable. this could yield a weird tan but i couldn’t care less as long as it works