day 1216 – onboarding


not the typical onboarding day when i only have a company┬álunch with the bosses and don’t even get to sit down with my manager until the last hour of the day. with her going away on vacation, i’ll have to prove i can tread and swim in the deep end. it will be a big learning curve cause she’s already put a lot on my plate. i’m expected to learn on the fly, but it’s just another test for me to crush. first day so far so good; everyone tries to keep it a fun environment


day 383 – japadog


worth noting that i had my first ever japadog over the weekend ironically at a korean festival, where i expected it would be populated with korean food like kimchi or seafood pancake. it tasted how i thought it would, guess it’s a letdown it didn’t taste anything more than special for all the trans fat it carries