day 2680 – garage heat

the weather is getting unbearably cold. it’s literally impossible to workout normally in my garage. my friend heard i’ve been having tons of back trouble and made time to come alleviate the pain even after a long day at work. the heater i picked up didn’t really keep us warm, but may have kept us from hypothermia. i’m very grateful he took time out of my busy schedule to ease me of my pain and get me moving again. i felt i was moving way better afterwards, but i was told the pain will still be around until my psoas gets a few more releases

day 857 – cambie corridor


night time on cambie looking down the street fronts and oncoming headlights. this corridor has really become my hood through the years, for everything i need and do can be found. i had a gym calling to put in my work before going out for dinner with the family. with the sky being so clear tonight, thought to myself why not take a stroll before heading home. an enjoyable stroll it was because i needed personal space to debrief and recuperate, for much of it was invaded this past week

day 446 – heading home


wrapping up my washington roadtrip with overall team success. can’t get home without paying the peace arch a little visit and of course getting through the long border wait. look forward heading farther down for the next one plus the rest on the list we are eyeing and it may be sooner than i know it. a lot of work and practice to be done if we are aiming for those bigger opens, don’t let it stop

day 176 – stroll along the seawall


out in yaletown along the seawall after dinner to look at the city scape at night. the dineout menu for the refinery sounded decent but actual food served wasn’t all that impressive and didn’t live up to our expectations. i guess i had the company that made up for the lack of sparkle