day 304 – uber belated birthday present


this birthday present came super late but it’s a perfect birthday present and its exactly what i would expect from her. from a person that i used to spend twelve hours a day together chilling and beating each other up each and every day throughout our years of highschool, i can confirm she knows me inside out

happy birthday mr president

Trevor Linden (87)

happy birthday to my most respected and beloved canucks of all time. he’s brought me so much joy and so much memories that i will never forget. been watching and admiring him since i was in grade 3, still remember all the memorable times he had as a canuck player and hope there will be a lot more to come as the president!! you are the reason why i like the canucks and the reason i continue to support the canucks through thick and thin. you are one of my greatest idol and that will never change

張智霖 – 歲月如歌

this song is the face of triumph in the skies series. such a good song paired with a good mv. chilam cheung and his baby face never changes and never grows old through the decade. been watching him since i was young and always liked him both as an actor and as a singer but felt more attached after watching triumph in the skies 2 and loving his character as captain cool. i miss watching triumph in the skies already, hoping there’s triumph in the skies 3 coming soon

張學友 – 只想一生跟你走

suddenly really feel like listening to this song. a good song never gets old, even when the youngest generation nowadays never heard of the singer. brings back so much memories of days in hong kong that i will always take with me. all those times listening to this song and jamming along in the back seat of our sierra