day 2551 – learn to love

i’ve been told to love myself and do self care as much as i care for others. frankly, learning to love myself is one of the things i still haven’t fully discovered. i have way much leniency and compassion for everyone else around me, but when it comes to myself, rarely do i have any. i expect a lot out of myself because i was raised in a family where praise is a rarity. adopting that, being hard on myself and beating myself up over things is the only thing i know. it’s not a good feeling and i’m still learning how to be better

day 848 – that leg kick


someone’s got evidence that i do indeed have a high leg kick follow through that’s victimized many of my teammates. i think it just comes naturally i don’t even notice it and the fact that i am nimble makes it scary as to how high it can get. this is the second last week of regular season play before we head into crunch time playoffs. i better get it together although i have made an abundance of catches lately which somewhat boosts my confidence by a smidgen. with all the seriousness gearing up for playoffs, it’s still important we still focus on having fun