day 2608 – social hour appies

happy appy hour at brown’s social with the old hd crew even though more than half of us are no longer tied with hd. we ordered a nachos to share and i got a separate order of the pork taquitos from their social hour menu. it was good to get together and catch up as a group since we’ve all been busy in our own ways. making time out of my busy routine for events like this is something i need to do a better job of

day 1864 – team platters

typical platter choice of the team after a squirtle squad game. there are quite a few alcoholics on the team so pitchers of beer are also staples, along with nachos. it is the official start of delta coed fall season and a win registered for the squirtle is a strong start to the season. we already have more wins than we did for all of delta spring season. i’m sticking to playing the ‘d’ for this team to learn more. of course there’s plays i wish i to redo, but i think i held up in the back end for the most part

day 793 – nacho feast


not much in the taco world is healthy but going in with an intent to stay away from as much oily fried food as i can – but this happened. i hope my digestive system and body won’t overreact too much after this feast. it’s been way too long since i had nachos i almost forgot how it’s suppose to taste like. it was flavourful and tasted awesome in many ways, but i will stay┬átry to keep my distance