day 660 – going all in


it’s all or nothing, like gambling at the casino. the only difference is i am in total control of the outcome. i think i give myself too much pressure cause i have my own standards and cannot afford to lose. i’d be performing not only in front of the grandmaster, the instructors that’s taught me from the very beginning, but also the students that i have been teaching. saved up all my scholarships so i could use it altogether at times like this. saying goodbye to all the awards, now i am feeling poor all over again but at least i am using it for something worthwhile


day 408 – all a blur


everything went by like a blur and i couldn’t seem to keep up. the post concussion symptoms which i thought had subsided continues to plague me and my activities. it was not a night i would or even want to remember. some things need to be addressed immediately, knowing it is a long and tough road ahead. no matter how hard it is it has got to be done

day 35 – battling a fly


2:40am and here i am still awake all thanks to a relentless fly that made me angry buzzing around in my room and biting me in the hand. the fly just challenged me and challenge is accepted. i will not sleep in my room until i win this battle so prepare a tomb and coffin for this fly because i don’t letĀ flies who bite me get away with it