day 740 – wakeboarding


continuing my stint of water activities with my first try at wakeboarding today. i didn’t have the greatest success getting up and staying on my board at the beginning, fallen numerous times, but i did manage to get it down somewhat near the end. i also drank a lot of salt water while i was submerged into the open water – i am sure i hit my daily water intake for the day. at the end of the day my forearms are beyond exhausted. but above all i had an awesome time out there and would definitely do it again


day 648 – voodoo donuts


everyone has good things to say about voodoo donuts. word is lineup for these filthy dough usually goes out the shop and down the block, so obviously we must get some while we are down there. only now do i believe donut shops that opens 24 hours a day exists cause we went there past midnight and there was still a lineup. i have little knowledge or understanding of donuts, i guess it was good but not special enough for me to lineup 20 minutes for