twenties series: [fifteen] issues


after living for twenty years, you ought to know that life is full of challenges similar to a game of baseball that will throw fast balls, knuckle balls and curve balls whenever you least expect it. learn that no matter how many times you fail and how hard you fall, you just have to get up off your butt and attempt again. i have learned that i am not flawless and there are many things that needs improvement, but i am willing to make the changes required to be the person i want to become. still working on getting rid of all negative vibe and set a good examples for the younger ones i take under my wings. in the end, my ultimate goal is to be a positive influence to the people around me and leave a lasting finger print on their lives in some form. i will set my mind on doing what i want to achieve and prove all those doubters who once said there are things i cannot do. remember to always keep your eye on the ball, your head in the games and everything else will take care of itself. no one is born perfect, no one will ever come close to being perfect but those who try to be who they are will be the happiest. in other words, just be who you are and everything else will take care of itself


…and that wraps up my twenties series. hope you enjoyed reading up on what my thoughts are as much as i enjoyed writing them. hope to do more series soon



life options


life is complicated but when it all boils down, there are really only two options to go about it. those who choose to make excuses for things they cannot achieve will forever have unachievable goals. i have many goals and desires in life, some farther and more ambitious than others. but until i achieve what i want, i will only be making progress and taking little steps towards that goal and nothing can stop me. setbacks are bound to pop up but as long as i believe, it should not stop me from moving forward. those who don’t believe in me aren’t worth keeping around because i simply have no place for downers in my life