day 1909 – webbing drills

stayed well after class to practice because i want my websters. it was the perfect time to drill them because i was able to receive some valuable pointers. i was drilling and drilling them into the foam pit; long enough past dinner and in time for late night matsuyama with the gang. i keep wanting to hit the open gym times, but it’s always difficult on weekdays with my early morning starts

day 958 – park job


finding a parking spot along this busy street is hard, parking in one could also be very challenging. but with good coordination with adjacent car, anything is possible. you know it’s a special someone when what we did together didn’t matter and the length of meeting also didn’t matter; just having their presence made it worthwhile. it was that kind of night where being together and sharing the same space is all that mattered

day 494 – late night sushi


i was starving after the monthly colour belt promotion test and mini pro balling battle. there’s no better way to satisfy that hunger other than stuffing our faces with late night nigiri and sashimi. we went all out when it came to ordering and blazed through the entire menu like it was all you can eat. my love for sushi is strong, never too many meals of sushi, never get tired of eating sushi