day 2655 – testing trailers

second day of lockdown includes carpooling to the langley home base for yet another covid testing appointment. i really like how being in film gets testing a couple times a week; it gives me the peace of mind that i’m not walking around asymptomatic. i’m not really sure what’s happening after this sae job is over because there’s been a lot of learning and experience gained

day 2571 – call of the wild

self isolating can’t be more boring. same as yesterday, i cancelled everything including apex, pixel, hd girls hangout and open gym in sequence. i had nothing to do all day except stay inside my room and play games. i wore wear a mask whenever i walked around outside my room. although i haven’t received the results, i’m one to be prepared for the worst. if the results come back positive, i have thought about moving out somewhere for a while so i don’t put my parents at risk

day 2563 – wu’s bound

second week teaching back at wu’s and the discomfort of teaching wearing a mask and taekwondo shoes is still high. i hope this isn’t a permanent change because i feel really bad for the students especially when grandmaster mandates the shoes which could be hazardous. all i can do is give them more frequent water breaks so they can breathe. i can’t even hear myself clearly wearing a mask nor pivot properly with the grip of the shoes

day 2556 – main school mandates

august is here and the inevitable came today – i’m back in the main school teaching some small classes. it’s been so long since i last wore my full uniform with belt. this month i have to split my time between wu’s and flightclub, but i planned it out to spend as little time here as possible before heading to my second home. teaching with a mask and taekwondo shoes is not comfortable but it’s mandated by the grandmaster. i’m glad i was uninterrupted and was able to teach my classes in peace; i guess he trusts me enough to leave me to it

day 2543 – charity event

charity open gym fundraiser with live music and photobooth. did most of my training with a mask on and that was very challenging considering how warm it was. it was also a coach’s birthday, one who has become more of family. i really wanted to land one of my new move tonight as tribute, but it didn’t help my ankle was acting up. i feel like both moves are inching closer, but i just haven’t found the piece to get to the finish line

day 2496 – chiro check

good thing i secured a chiropractor appointment now that he’s back in operations. looked forward to getting in and easing my body ailments. i had a list of body parts he needed to check and fix, but i knew very well there wasn’t enough time in one appointment slot. he got a chance to look at my shoulder, knee, hip and back. my body was particularly crunchy so everything cracked with ease as he tried to put things back in alignment. all in all, he’s impressed i held up for over two months because i typically see him much more frequently

day 2343 – marshmallow

when i said big things was coming this year, i didn’t mean marshmallow. starting off the sunny new year day being strong and chipping away at clean and jerk technique. i also got my car’s headlight replaced, cleaned out the rest of my wardrobe, organized some things and watched some prince of tennis. the dinner table was stacked with eight delicious dishes. ended the day relaxing with a facial mask. i would say that’s decent start to the year

day 1341 – solituding

img_20200204_1603498884422411839897764.jpgthe only bright spot on this day was watching federer take his third title this year. otherwise i spent it in solitude as quiet time are never good times when being crushed by my troubles. needing to get out because i can’t stand being at home and confined by myself. at least gym is a place of hiding and numbing because it’s a place i can be respected. outside and being with people makes me hide my sorrows, but i know i’m only masking for what i want to bury even deeper

許廷鏗 – 面具

this canto singer has an interesting background. this is another tune that tops my playlist and occasionally deserves to be put on repeat just because i like how closely the lyrics resemble reality of how people operate in the real world. what you see on the surface is usually not the whole truth and can only been felt once you put your mask away. why must everyone live with a mask?? why is it so important to sugar coat everything when we can just live freely and be ourselves??