day 2608 – social hour appies

happy appy hour at brown’s social with the old hd crew even though more than half of us are no longer tied with hd. we ordered a nachos to share and i got a separate order of the pork taquitos from their social hour menu. it was good to get together and catch up as a group since we’ve all been busy in our own ways. making time out of my busy routine for events like this is something i need to do a better job of

day 690 – father’s day


we gather today to enjoy a meal for the best dad i know. even when we don’t show the mutual love and care explicitly, we both know it exists. i just wanted to make sure we got this meal out of the way because restaurants tend to get way too busy on the sunday of. toast to another year of memories, hoping i can make more time to share with family to create even more memories!!

resolution series: [six] unimportant things


life isn’t made equal, but when it comes to time, everyone is given the same amount to work with everyday – no more, no less. since there’s a limit, one can only choose to include so much in their daily routine and screen out all the things that aren’t deemed worthwhile. but even after screening, we must then filter and sort out which of the commitments are priorities and require more attention. there is only that much time in a day to fit everything into my daily life. as it stands, my schedule is already far beyond packed. inevitably take a lot of responsibilities than the amount of time i can afford, too much for my own good cause i haven’t learned to say no. i try not to surround myself with all the drama queens and drama kings out there because i simply don’t have the time and energy to deal with them. drama can only lead to more stress than i can already handle. i need not to be involved in other unimportant business when i haven’t gotten complete control on my life. but until then, i will put my life, my problems, my wants and needs as top priority

day 490 – quote of the day


a little humour never hurts, especially to get through a not so spectacular week. its been that kind of week where lots of things are happening but just can’t seem to have them go my way. here’s a little inspiration from a friend that made my day. it may not sound grammatically correct, but it gets the point across and serves its purpose. the quote can’t be more suitable for my situation and all the things i have to deal with

day 255 – sushi brunch anyone


finally made it into my schedule to catch up with an old friend. its been a busy stretch and will only continue to get busier through april and may. but after all this madness is over, i will prioritize to make time for my friends. if i haven’t seen you for a long time, don’t worry you are not forgotten