day 961 – long stroll


the moments we’ve shared has been so surreal. it doesn’t even take into account what we decide to do, just having you by my side is more than enough. even if we come across a freaky glowing woman in the dark on a late night stroll, or a sketchy couple doing mysterious things in a car, i know that everything will be okay. simply enjoying some time outdoor on a clear march friday night where it’s finally just cold but not rainy

day 525 – purple barricades


said i was going to lay off posting food pictures for a while if wasn’t completely necessary, so i decided to drool over these new shoes that i really want. i can picture myself sporting these purple barricades looking super awesome on the court. too bad they don’t make them in a size small enough for me or i would make them mine in an instant. i guess it’s also a good thing because i have way too much pairs of tennis shoes and only one pair of feet

day 411 – new glasses


a selfie after picking up my new glasses was definitely necessary. thought i would change it up and go with bigger bolder plastic frame even though my parents thought it wasn’t appropriate for work. these glasses are super comfortable, i can feel good looking nerdy. these also reminds me a lot like the cineplex three dimensional glasses they offer. i need my glasses because it makes me look more mature when i need people to take me seriously

day 267 – nike frees


spending a fortune these days and this time i invested in another pair of nike frees that i have been eyeing since it first came out. the style and colour had me from the very beginning, i guess this is what you call love at first sight. utterly most comfortable shoes ever and will need to take extra good care of this pair. but as long as i work hard, it will be worth every penny

張智霖 – 歲月如歌

this song is the face of triumph in the skies series. such a good song paired with a good mv. chilam cheung and his baby face never changes and never grows old through the decade. been watching him since i was young and always liked him both as an actor and as a singer but felt more attached after watching triumph in the skies 2 and loving his character as captain cool. i miss watching triumph in the skies already, hoping there’s triumph in the skies 3 coming soon

鄭伊健 – 感激我遇見

no words can describe why and how much i love this song and how much i enjoy watching and listening to ekin cheng, i just do. it’s his personality and many characteristics he carries that make him lovable in so many ways. he gets bashed a lot for many things, but there will be haters and haters are always going to hate. ekin brought me a lot of happiness and enertainment in the past decade. love ekin forever