day 2704 – vallea lumina

haven’t been to whistler all year since i skipped last skiing season. made a trek up the mountain to check out the vallea lumina lights. the lights and the holograms were so pretty it’s also a good opportunity to test out the night mode on my new phone. i made sure i dressed properly this time and wore four layers and three pairs of pants including baselayers. definitely would want to come back to check out the summer version

day 2682 – bluetooth speaker

first a heater to protect me from the cold, and now it’s a bluetooth speaker to upgrade my growing garage gym. i saw this party tower on sale at canadian tire and decided to pick it up immediately. now i no longer have to play music off my phone while i workout and record. my next workout will have an improved experience whenever my back decides to let me exercise and function properly

day 2678 – bridge lights

i’ve never noticed my pixel 3 can take such nice long exposures until i caught this one. captured some pretty colours at burrard bridge after visiting downtown shark club for wings wednesday. after tonight, i’ll be doing a seven day hard cut just to get myself and my body back in business. i’ve been feeling pretty crappy about how i’ve let things slide lately. it works out since it looks like i’m forced to take a few days off physical training anyways

day 2670 – sfu scouting

made a trip up to simon fraser university in the evening to scout for good filming places. we walked around outside couldn’t access a lot of the facilities. most places we passed by were too dark to do a nightshoot unless we bring our own lights. eventually, we found an unlocked lecture hall in the quadrangle and was setting up for a back tuck video until a security came in to kick us out. we had to get our id’s checked but i doubt they can actually do anything with the info

day 2626 – shattered beaumont

i’m usually not down for some pants-dropping halloween type event, but i took on the shattered beaumont offer because it doesn’t seem to be as scary. i honestly wasn’t quite sure what i was getting myself into. it was suppose to be more of an optical light illusion walkthrough experience inside a spooky house. it was a neat experience and we also got some nice photos out of it. unfortunately i wasn’t able to pull off any flips inside before they closed

day 2315 – christmas tree top

once last week of november hits, everyone was putting up their christmas trees. i was a little behind but my christmas tree is finally up in my living room piled with decorations and lights. my family typically decorates all over the interior of the house, but the past two years we’ve lessened because taking it down is not as fun. this month’s electric bills will be higher than other months

day 2128 – grand place

arrived in belgium by late afternoon on a eurostar train and made a very productive first day. started by going far out to atomium where i did my second flip. it was a little better than the first, but still not getting the height and rotation i’d like to see. also visited grand place, manneken pis and bruxelles stock exchange building. we were much more efficient than the original itinerary; i hope it’s not because we’re doing a hasty job of taking photos and not fully absorbing. we even went back to grand place and stayed until 10:30 before deciding this is as much light as we’ll get to see

day 1589 – ornamentation 

holiday season feels immediately bolstered when i came home to a decorated christmas tree and lots of lighting. annual house decorations are up in keeping in line with the family prerequisites. keep in mind there’s less than twenty sleeps before christmas day. it got busy all around the same time almost lost track of time passing. got to get started on the christmas gift shopping. started planning a little late this year, but december parties are beginning to roll in

30 share it [twenty seven]


a good day doing mostly the things we enjoy like watching midget hockey and wishlist shopping before a pig out and a quick stop to admire the christmas tree at mcarthurglen. i didn’t cross off anything on my shopping list but he found good deals on what he was looking for. just taking advantage of our time off during the holidays and soaking in the festive season while we can

day 641 – night photography


tonight was a rather chilly night, but went out with a friend in search of the picture worthy places around town to capture some of the very best of vancity. this is my first time taking out my expensive toy and a tripod to take night shots. it is also my first attempts to play around with dslr and long exposures functions. here’s a pretty dandy shot which i thought deserved tonight’s notable mention. some of the pictures turned out quite well. i think i’ll have to invent more time in photography to get better understanding of my camera’s capabilities