day 2642 – video editing

stayed home all day because a few covid red flags came up both on set and at flipping. although chances are minimal because i had no direct contact and maybe not even indirect contact, it’s never a bad thing to air on the side of caution. i felt bad skipping my monday workout when i had no excuse not to all morning. i spent most of my time editing my video, hopefully have it ready by the end of the night

day 741 – homemade froyo


can’t say i didn’t call it. my forearms are sore the day after wakeboarding. but what i didn’t expect was to be sore to the bone that even my hands and fingers were sore, i had ample of trouble gripping a pen, eating utensils and typing on keyboard. nothing to do since my hands and forearms seem so incompetent. so i skipped out on my plans and ended up eating homemade froyo instead

day 579 – on my walk


the view of my walk towards the parking lot on my way home while light was still out this very monday evening. since i wasn’t in a rush today, which is rather rare, i slowed down to notice more of the environment in the prominent side of west hastings. never did i bother noticing the different signages above on the lamp posts that helps distinguish different sectors

day 110 – comfort drink


sipping on a hot honey lemon water and planning out my rigorous schedule for the upcoming months. the list events to come is a massive one with lots of important things to do. this is no joke, it’s going to get busy right away so i must stick to the plan and use time wisely. not likely to have much free time, so start penciling in for a few months down the road

day 82 – chocolates


came home to find these irresistible kinder bueno sitting on my desk. they won’t be around for long because the next time my mom came to me and asked where they were, the chocolate was already in my stomach and wrappers in the garbage can. funny thing is she wasn’t at all surprised

day 33 – off day lunch


labour day lunch with parents and revisiting the coal harbor cactus club that i was a part of. sitting in front looking out into the water enjoying my delicious short ribs while feeling a gentle ocean breeze. stuffing my face with some protein followed by a calm afternoon stroll along the seawall