day 2547 – new rig

after my friend’s four hours of hard work, my new rig is ready for usage. i cleared up desk and moved things aside to give this new rig a home. i got carried away with the setup, i even skipped open gym training which i do feel bad about. i still need to install some drivers, programs, and some periphals to make this fully functional piece. this would be my second desktop after four laptops. i’m so excited to be using it to play games and do some test renders. i’m amazed with how spiffy it looks and ready see how much one thousand eight hundred dollars can do for me

day 2545 – computer components

my laptop suddenly died so it forces my hand to make this big investment. ran back and forth to multiple canada computers and memory express to gather most of the components for my new desktop. everything is ready to go and just waiting for my friend to put it together. i didn’t really have a set budget but i know i wanted to build something to last my for quite some time. i got some fancy rgb parts and the total turned out to be more than i expected. i just hope this rig turns out to be as good as everyone says

day 2531 – hunter life

i’ve never been a gamer all my life, but playing games has been quite a stress relieving past time since covid times. i bought a few more games during the steam summer sale so i could play and chill with my friends. we’ve been exploring a lot of the hunting game and we’re mesmerized by how beautiful the graphics are. learning the true life of a hunter and realizing it’s a really hard job. i definitely lack the gaming experience so my gun needs a lot of work

day 2302 – pajama shift

the luxury of working from home is i can wake up five minutes before and work in my pajamas. it’s a bit challenging working with one laptop-sized scree as opposed to two large monitors, but i’ve kept up. it’s been kind of good working remotely because i find my productivity level actually goes up. i also didn’t feel detached because i could use microsoft team to chat with friends within the office. the only drawback is having technical difficulties trying to connect my laptop to a conference call

day 1873 – panidor cafe

rained in on sunday afternoon so might as well take my laptop and do some catch up work. tried this zero waste thing with a matcha latte in my double glazed glass bottle. this wasn’t the intended coffee shop, but i stumbled across it because the two others were full. i think i just found my new favourite coffee shop to work at. it’s funny how things work out for the better sometimes

day 1705 – coffee and work

the easter long weekend continues and it has really let me shift my gears a little. i must admit not going into work throughout the weekend is a big change. homeworking at a coffee shop because month end means lots of work piling on. it feels working full time is not suffice as there’s not enough time to get them done during work hours. stationed my work and laptop at prado sipping on my customized latte. had to wrap up march with a work session and get some planning done for the month of april. it’ll be an interesting month as there’s a lot in store for april

day 1540 – remote access

it looks like a battle of laptops, but i’m actually remotely accessing my work computer through the network. i have been granted permission to work at home on selected days to accommodate the hardship of the commute and discomfort of my ailing hand. people should trust and respect that i’m trying my best not to disrupt the work flow. i could easily take the days off and leave my team with my work, but i’m not the irresponsible type. it’s tough that i have a dysfunctional hand and must miss all my physical activities. beyond that, what kills me is knowing and then losing hope that my stuff is at all important. why am i so dumb repeating myself more than twice thinking it’ll stick

day 1538 – sit stand

img_20200203_1446394829203692165745211.jpgonly ordered days ago and excited to find my laptop stand already at my doorstep. can’t wait to unwrap and put it to good use once i can set up my home workstation. it isn’t as sturdy as the picture on the site showed but it should do the job and carry the weight of my laptop. i’ve been very diligent with my spendings, and this is one i thought was timely with my situation

day 1219 – gaming laptop

picked up my new toy from msi and i’m bringing it home to my dad who’s my personal technician. i’m no gamer, but bought another gaming laptop because i need the graphic cards capabilities. i argue this is a necessity for what i do and what i study. i vouch to work extra hard at school and for work purpose to prove that i do indeed need a new laptop and it’s crazy rendering speeds

day 1202 – coffee shop

img_20200204_2141266530421907122066832.jpgi’m at a point where i feel mildly stressed out about my term project so i packed my bags and went to starbucks because it just wasn’t working at home. turned on my laptop, opened my assignment programme, got my cappuccino and i was ready to get some work done before dodgeball game. the night of dodgeball was a little chaotic; i had to dish out several warnings from consistent high throw offenders. enjoying the last of the night over a bubble tea by each other’s side; happy eight, butt