day 1008 – birthday girl


it’s my birthday today and there was no shortage of notifications. thankful to have so many people in my life who blew up my phone with messages, posts and all sorts of notifications. my parents taking me out to a dinner on my special day. heard many good things about fable kitchen and naturally wanted to try it for myself. it’s a relatively small restaurant and their portions are also very small. one of the rare times i was able to finish my own order, which means a normal person wouldn’t feel satiated. it all works in my favour because that leaves enough room for my birthday cake


day 931 – liquid nitrogen


a hamber reunion is a great excuse to indulge in some liquid nitrogen ice cream. i never tried any of vancouver’s top soft serve dessert places before. tonight i made an exception and went for a treat meal while my “hubby” is making a special appearance all the way from taiwan. great time with great company as always, it makes up for the mishaps that took place in dodgeball tonight. my thumb is in considerable pain i am still contemplating if i need to consult a doctor

day 716 – take me back


take me back home to where i belong. where the night meets the day seamlessly and not much could get in the way of me and my dreams. when i thought i had friends that would last forever and get me through tough times. what i dreamt i would accomplish and make a difference in this world. who i thought i would become to be strong enough to withstand. how i thought i would live my life, standing affront the beach and gazing out at sunset