day 1756 – japanese kitkat

coworker came back from japan trip with goodies to share. of the many flavors she brought back, i chose the matcha and sake. of the many kitkat flavors i’ve ever tried, matcha is still my favourite. a headache made me feel crappy this morning, i didn’t think i’d stay at the office the whole day. popping a few advils seemed to have helped me head and got me through the rest of it. calling it an earlier day and hopeful it gets better by tomorrow

day 309 – limited edition, endless calories


since i was at superstore and wasn’t able to do what i had to do, i figured i wouldn’t leave empty handed. walked down a couple aisle in the food section and i saw these new white and milk chocolate kitkat and thought they looked really tempting. the original flavoured kitkat and ferrero rocher still has my vote for best chocolate on earth, but both are potential diabetes causes